Saturday, December 21, 2013

Incredible pictures of an abandoned ZIL factory

Huge thanks to Tarlan! These are breathtaking.

More photos here and here.


Unknown said...

I looked at the original post translated by Google and I'm still not sure what's going on.

But this thing looks awesome.

Maxichamp said...

@Dogs: Just imagine, our 1980 Olympics team would have ridden in that people mover had Carter not boycotted.

Tarlan said...

Here is another one, have you ever heard about Saab 99 Finlandia?

Lukas said...

Cool. Wonder what the Honda was for. Looks like they were just stating a model facelift.

steve-vh said...

Cobblestone and tile floors???

Alan said...

Post of the century.

Scenes from a dream. How long before this is all looted?

Sanchez said...

Unfortunately Russian government will turn 3/4 ZIL factory into residential and office area. There is a possibility that they will save factory museum. During best times around 80 000 people worked there.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Reminds me of your post on the RAF factory in Riga. I hope this plant is saved as a museum, at least that beautiful production line. I'm somewhat confused as I thought ZIL was still making a limited amount of cars every year. Did they shut down for good?

I love the fact that one office still has an old calendar hanging. Wonder what year is it from.

Sanchez said...

Just to let you know.
ZIL was mainly a truck manufacturer.
Presidential road cars were something like a side production but it is famous worldwide mostly for them.
When USSR collapsed ZIL couldn't compete because they were not used to open market rivalry.
Now huge factory in Moscow will be demolished to make space for luxury residential area except for small part.

Surprisingly some time ago Putin initiated development of range of luxury cars for big shots which is similar concept as ZIL. First prototypes will be shown few days after New Year in Kremlin.
Marussia will also take part in this affair.

Article in Russian and couple of sketches here:

pachomirek said...

Wow! Great pics! Very interesting!