Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gran Turismo 4

Over Christmas, I dug out my old PS2, dusted it off, and played the only game I own, GT4. The game is fun, but the graphics are awful compared to what's out there now. I'm having a good time driving this Mugen-powered Civic race car.


Le Dominus said...

I have just got a PlayStation 3, They are really cheap now that the Play 4 has been released. I have GT 6, and it is great. Get the 3, now that its cheap,and you can get plenty of second hand car games that are brilliant. Even my girlfriend, who is anti-car, is hooked on GT 6 !

Happy New Year from Spain !!

Maxichamp said...

@Le Dominus: Happy New Year from California! I'm not into video games so I am not going to buy a new machine. But it is fun.

F1Outsider said...

I've been playing GT6 and the graphics are great but the game is very buggy.

It's also really lacking in engine sound effects.

I've been playing Gran Turismo since the first one and I'm pretty disappointed with it nowadays. They have way too many cars and not enough quality.

/Rant over

Maxichamp said...

@F1O: Can you damage the cars in GT6 when you crash them?

F1Outsider said...

They get visually scratched, but not really damaged.
There aren't any bumpers or parts flying off.

But that's not really my gripe.

They have 1000+ cars in the game, but it's really just the same cars over and over. There're like 20+ versions of the Miata, 20+ versions of the S2000... At some point, who cares?

Instead of recreating so many cars pick a batch 100 or 200 good ones and make them look and sound perfect.

They separate the cars between standard and premium cars. The graphics on the standard cars are almost as bad as in GT4.

Le Dominus said...

I find the selection of cars quite small. Plus GT6 is very buggy, that also happens to me. The controls are over sensitive. Maybe i just have to find the way to callibrate them properly, but it is really hard to keep the cars on the track. The graphics are brilliant.

The engine noise sucks full time. It sounds like a fly farting in a jar after a beer night !!

Still quite adictive though !

Alan said...

The controls really tighten up and become more realistic with a wheel/pedal rig. They're super nerdy and all, but I put a used one together for under $200. It's tucked away in my office where people don't need to see it and laugh at me.

Driving a GT1 car at Le Sarthe is an amazing experience with force feedback tugging at the rim, wheel going numb and light over crests on Mulsanne.

That said, F1O is spot on--Forza has been making their cars sound good for nearly a decade now. I remember reading Evo about ten years back when Polyphony visited them to record their cars for use in the game's soundtrack--why exactly isn't sure when they still all sound exactly the same three games, two systems and a decade of progress later.

These Captcha codes are getting ridiculously long, BTW--I still get tons of spam at my site.