Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Diecast ZILs

There was a rumor that Gorbachev died today. When a historical figure dies, I often do a quick Google image search of said dead figure standing next to an iconic car (while alive). I shared this ritual with Jay Ramey at Autoweek and he promptly shared this picture of his personal ZIL collection.


Sanchez said...

Well, they aren't diecast. They are resin. Made by Spark (Dip).

zackswheels said...

It'll be a sad day indeed when Gorbachev dies. I think he's a fascinating and complex character. I thought this story was interesting:

Also, I NEED a ZIL limo in my life, badly.

Sanchez said...

Gorbachev is a miserable person. There is a reason why everyone hates him. Should have never ruled any country, not even talking about USSR. The fact that the person of his caliber showed up in Louis Vuitton travel bag advertising proves that. A sellout.

Tarlan said...



here is the link to one of the guys who visited abandoned ZIL factory, sorry is in russian but pictures speak for themselves.