Saturday, December 07, 2013

Updating the right column of this blog

I did a little housekeeping this afternoon on the right side of this blog. I'd like to get your feedback as to what you like and don't like. What do you look at most often when you look at it? I try to stack them according to what I think people would be most interested in.

Among the changes I made today:

  • I moved the pageview counter to the top, as the blog is nearing the 2,000,000 pageview milestone. This is by no means a popular blog, but it definitely does have a small, micro-niche, and rabid following. I would say 80% of the traffic is through random Google searches like "how to buy Aston Martin Lagonda wagon in South Africa" and 20% is from regular visitors like you. I remember when I first started blogging, I would be excited if I had 10 visitors a day. At its peak about a year or two ago, I was consistently getting about 600 unique visitors a day. I just checked Google Analytics and it looks like I'm getting about 300 people a day now. I just want to say that it is you, the repeat, daily visitors, that give me the motivation and satisfaction in writing. So thank you.
  • I've updated my list of recent Crasstalk and Hooniverse posts. 
  • I have added a new list, "Cars I Recently Drove". It will be similar to my book, restaurant, and bar lists. 

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