Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fujimori-- free

Lima is certainly an exciting place right now.

Alberto Fujimori defeated the Shining Path guerrillas, saved the Peruvian economy, and committed human rights abuses along the way. He was put away in prison for a long time.

An elderly technocrat was elected president. He defeated Fujimori's daughter, Keiko, even though Keiko's party controlled the legislature. Keiko was probably going to pardon her father had she won.

The elderly technocrat president was caught up in a scandal involving a Brazilian construction firm. He was going to be impeached last week by the legislature. But to everyone's surprise, he wasn't impeached.

The elderly technocrat president subsequently freed Fujimori. Apparently, to save his own skin, he made a deal with Kenji, Fujimori's legislator-son. In exchange for no impeachment, the president would free the elder Fujimori.

I can't make this stuff up. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

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