Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 highlights

Best year ever. Thanks for following along!

January: Tried Nicaraguan food.

February: Babymoon in Laguna Beach.

March: Got an i3.

April: Got a baby boy.

May: Checked out a Lexus Land Cruiser.

June: The first Radwood.

July: Reconnected with autonomous cars I saw in the 1990s.

August: Baby sees Pacific in Mendocino.

September: Trip to Lake Superior.

October: Drove a Century in Virginia.

November (technically December 2): Met up with friends at Radwood 2 in SoCal.

December: Baby meets Santa on Maui.

1 comment:

Ben said...

Awesome year, kudos!

You have inspired me to start documenting my shenanigans!

And yes..... I'm looking at Land Cruisers because of your post, it's low mileage for me at 496k, so its as you say, Craigslist Mint, No?