Friday, December 29, 2017

I bought ten more Matchbox cars

Even though Toys R Us recently filed for bankruptcy, they opened up a new store near my office. It's clean, bright, and huge. And its selection of Matchbox cars is impressive.

If you have a suggestion for a car carrier, I would appreciate it. When I was a kid, I had a blue plastic briefcase with blue plastic trays inside to carry my cars. I'd like to get a carrier for Junior when he is old enough to play with these cars.

First up, a set of NYPD police vehicles. This is the first set I've purchased. I prefer buying cars one-by-one. I don't like sets because I usually don't like every single car in the set. I bought this set because I really liked the Suburban. I also bought the set because the collection I am amassing is missing "work vehicles".

An Austrian-built 4x4 Golf.

My kid will have an i3, just like his old man.

I'm pretty sure I haven't bought this Miata before.

This Tesla Model S is very realistic looking.

And finally, an M5 police car!


F1Outsider said...

NYPD uses Smart Cars now instead of those 3-wheeled whatevers.

Unknown said...

Cuanto cuesta el paquete de carros policĂ­a

Maxichamp said...

@Unknown: Approximately $10.