Saturday, February 27, 2016

1993 V8 sedan comparo

1. I don't remember ever seeing a 1990s Audi when new. That 60 Minutes piece on unintended acceleration really did a number on the company. I can't believe Audi didn't just quit the U.S. market.

2. That BMW is a beast. How's your project going, Edvin?

3. Cadillac. I remember when the STS was supposed to represent a new, modern beginning for GM luxury cars. Just look at the color matching bumpers!

4. I like the Q45 the most out of this group. Infiniti took forever to be popular because of those stupid zen garden ads. I remember going to an Infiniti dealer in the mid- to late 90s and wondering if it would survive.

5. Here is my interview of an LS400 owner.

6. Why wasn't the 400E called the 420E? Sounded too much like the 420SEL?

And, as a postscript, this review talked a lot about freon-free HVAC systems. Remember in the early 90s when the hole in the ozone layer was tied with deforestation as the biggest global environmental issue? So quaint.

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