Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 F1 calendar and Spa-Francorchamps advice

I missed the last five races of the 2015 season. They were:

  • Russia (I'm still boycotting)
  • US (I didn't want to see Hamilton win the championship)
  • Mexico (I forgot, having gotten used to not watching the race on TV for more than a month)
  • Brazil (Really could not give a hoot, as I had missed three races already)
  • Abu Dhabi (The season is not over yet?)

But now, it's 2016 and I can't wait for the season to begin. Here are a few thoughts about the calendar.

20 March: Melbourne, Australia (Can't come soon enough.)
3 April: Bahrain, Bahrain (Still boycotting.)
17 April: Shanghai, China
1 May: Sochi, Russia (They moved this way up from October.)
15 May: Barcelona, Spain
29 May: Monte Carlo, Monaco (Is there more than one city in Monaco?)
12 June: Montreal, Canada
19 June: Baku, Azerbaijan (Why is this called the European Grand Prix? Also(!), our very own Azeri commenter, Tarlan, will be a marshal at the race.)
3 July: Spielberg, Austria
10 July: Silverstone, United Kingdom
24 July: Budapest, Hungary
31 July: Hockenheim, Germany
28 August: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (85% sure I am going.)
4 September: Monza, Italy
18 September: Singapore
2 October: Sepang, Malaysia (Did Russia and Malaysia switch places? Also, what's the 411 on that Indonesian driver?)
9 October: Suzuka, Japan 
23 October: Austin, USA
30 October: Mexico City, Mexico (I saw photos of the stadium and it looks rad.)
13 November: Sao Paolo, Brazil
27 November: Abu Dhabi, UAE

So, Belgium. Has anyone been to the race? Any tips? Which corner/area would you sit? Eau Rouge, the Chicane, La Source? Here are the choices.

Oh, and by the way, Rosberg has a 3:1 chance of winning the championship this year. Bernie Sanders has a 9:1 chance of winning the presidency this year.

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Tarlan said...

Bernie Ecclestone is enough to boycott F1 once and for all :)