Sunday, February 28, 2016

Different kinds of Russian hydrofoils

I opened up an old guidebook for rail travel in Siberia and saw a breakdown of different hydrofoils used by Russians.

1. Meteor. The largest, with seating in three sections (front, middle, rear). The front has a panoramic view of the river ahead. The middle is the largest section and has a kiosk that provides hot water, beer, and candy. There is an open air walkway between the middle and rear. The rear section is the warmest and noisiest because it is close to the engines.

2. Voskhod. Narrower than a Meteor, with just two sections. Front section also provides panoramic views.

3. Raketa. Just one passenger section. No wrap-around windows up front.

4. Polsye. Roughly the same size as the Raketa, but no front view (due to bridge) or rear view (due to engine).

5. Zarya. Not technically a hydrofoil, as it does not have underwater wings. But it does have water propulsion. Flat-bottomed for shallow waters. It will run right up to the riverbank without the need for a gangway or pier. Inside is like a local bus.

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