Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Presidential Candidates' Cars: Bernie Sanders

This one is surprising.

I had assumed he owned an old Volvo, a newer hybrid, or no car at all. But at a recent town hall, he said he owns a small, red, five year old Chevy. That he couldn't name the model tells me he could care less, which is kind of endearing. I'm assuming he has a 2011 Aveo.

But then again, it sort of makes sense. It's cheap (he's frugal and not flashy). The fact that it's red just tells me he hated shopping and just bought the cheapest car on the lot.


Ripituc said...

He is old, and the Aveo is too small, maybe something more comfortable? What about a Malibu?

Ed Kim said...

I'm willing to bet it's a Cruze because the Aveo was built in South Korea. The Cruze is built in the U.S.

Maxichamp said...

@Ed: Makes sense. Something built by UAW. I know a husband and wife law team. They are very successful and ardently pro-union. So they drove Chevy Blazers and other Detroit iron instead of German or fancy Japanese.