Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The World's Fastest Cars (7): BMW M5

The thing I noticed most about the write-up about the M5 in my book is how many times it mentioned "West Germany" and "West German". 

The other thing: Despite weighing 800 pounds more than the E30 M3, on the Nurburgring, the M5 cornered just as fast.

Here is the M5 car chase from Ronin, for your viewing pleasure.

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mtc said...

I remember getting sweaty palms watching that chase scene in the theater when the movie first came out, especially during the sequence when the car was going the wrong way on the expressway.

Also take a careful look at the wheels on the car. For much of the scene they are the distinct "turbine" wheel covers from the early E34 M5, then in close-ups starting around the 4:20 mark, the cross-spoke or "basketweave" wheels from the 535i appear. Continuity goofs, gotta love 'em.