Friday, December 05, 2014

The World's Fastest Cars (4): Bentley Turbo R

To this day, I would still like to actually own one of these. According to my book:

  • 5,270 pounds (my '05 Phaeton weighed 5,194 pounds),
  • 328 hp at 3800 RPM, 487 lb-ft of torque at 2400 RPM (335 hp at 6500 RPM, 317 lb-ft at 3500 RPM for the Phaeton),
  • wheelbase of 120.5" (118.1" for the Phaeton),
  • one Garrett T04-type turbocharger,
  • there was no room in the engine bay for an intercooler, and
  • the "R" stands for Roadholding!


Christopher Diamond said...

Me too. Perhaps some day.

Along with the Lotus Esprit, which I adore, the initial input cost is worryingly low. So I imagine many for sale are not well maintained.

This one looks ok, but who knows with these things.

Maxichamp said...

@Chris D: Ugh, I hate motorized shoulder belts.

I went to a Bentley specialist in Hayward and they were saying that we should stay away from sub-$30k Turbo Rs.

mtc said...

Me three! That red one is sweet.