Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tesla Model D photos

These are from my friend, who picked it up just before Christmas. Other than the aggressive-looking rims/brakes, it looks like the regular Model S. To quote my friend-- "It's crazy fast."


MattC said...

First off, Happy new Year!. Thank you for all the posts here and on Hooniverse. It makes my workday go by pretty quickly (albeit with some loss in productivity).

I had an opportunity to test drive a regular Model S and was thoroughly impressed with the car. For a first time clean sheet design, Tesla delivered a car that really sets the standard for a properly fast and efficient electric car. There were really no compromises with the car (something that unfortunately limits my desire for the "lesser" electric cars on the market). While I am not in the target demographic for a new Tesla, I am willing to wait as new model proliferate in the marketplace in several years. I can only imagine that the Model D is a monster.

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: Happy New Year to you too!

I just saw a real life Model D on the road. Much curvier than the Model S.