Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Matt Farah gets a 900,000 mile Lexus LS400

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire is kind of like Sons of Anarchy or Homeland. I know it's a show worth watching, but I just can't commit the time to do it.

I was listening to the latest Hooniverse podcast and heard Farah's story of a high mileage 1996 LS400 that he bought in Tampa, Florida. He just drove it back to California without a major problem (his cruise control failed somewhere in Arizona). His goal is to shoot a documentary about it reaching a million miles. It would take him forever to drive the last 100,000 miles, so he is letting his friends take long-distance road trips with it.

Here is the introductory write-up. I had no idea the LS's engine was certified by the FAA.

Below is a random Farah video, shooting an S600 Guard with a pistol.

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MattC said...

I just listened to that podcast as well. I am genuinely intrigued by this purchase.

I remember seeing one at a gas station several years after they first out. I spoke to the owner who proudly informed me that his has about 200k on it.(similar color as Matt's purchase). His car was spotless and that left a lasting impression on me.