Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wilson's 14 Points

I just listened to a fascinating and insightful piece on Woodrow Wilson. One of the things I learned is that Wilson suffered a number of mini-strokes during his time in office and that may explain some of his bizarre behavior, such as insisting on re-arranging the furniture in a room while working on the Treaty of Versailles.

Wilson made a speech about the Fourteen Points to explain what he wanted to see once World War I ended. They are, for the most part, relevant today, a century later.

1. No more secret treaties.
2. Freedom of navigation of the seas.
3. Removal of all economic barriers.
4. Arms reduction.
5. Adjustment of colonial claims, taking into account the interests of the locals.
6. Get out of Russia and help her.
7. Get out of Belgium.
8. Get out of France.
9. Clarify Italian border.
10. Autonomy for Austria-Hungary.
11. Get out of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro.
12. Ottoman Empire should just be Turkey.
13. An independent Poland.
14. League of Nations should be formed.

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