Saturday, September 14, 2013

Motorweek tests the Volvo V50

I am kicking the search up a notch this weekend. There are no cars with the specs I want locally, but I think I will test drive one or two anyway, just to make sure I like the general feel of the car. I have my eye on these.

1 and 2. There are two normally aspirated, front wheel drive (I assume) 2010s at Lawrence Volvo.

3. Then there is this normally aspirated, FWD 2007 model at Weatherford BMW.

I also stumbled upon a Volvo enthusiast site called Swedespeed, which has a classified section.

And finally, we have a Motorweek review of the car. We like to make fun of the show, but it is really predictable and gives you all the information a prospective shopper needs.

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