Monday, September 02, 2013

3 cars I was thinking about this long weekend

Car shopping update. That Saab 9-5 still has a day of bidding to go. It's at $20,000 (the fair market value) and reserve still has not been met yet. Coupled with the hassle of picking up the car in Nevada, I am bowing out of this one. To make matters worse, the dealership selling the Saab has been spamming me daily.

I'm not serious about any of the cars below, but I did briefly consider them as my next ride.

1. Saab 9-7x. I walked by a Chevy Trailblazer and remembered-- Didn't they make a Saab out of this? They did, and it was horrible.

Here is a TTAC review where they were less diplomatic.

2. 2013 Acura TSX wagon. My neighbor is a manager at the local Acura dealership. He drives a pristine, white, first generation Legend coupe with a stick. His wife drives a new, white, TSX wagon. Of all the modern wagons, this is one of my favorites, looks-wise. As a previous TSX owner, I know they are ultra-reliable and solidly built. When I sold my 100,000 mile TSX, it looked no more than a couple years old. My only gripe is that the wagon does not come with a stick. But as this New York Times article reveals, Acura projected just 3% of TSX wagon owners to want sticks, and it just didn't make sense to just make 100-150 of them a year.

If I were to buy a new car, this would definitely be on my short list.

3. 1993 Mercedes 500E. One just came up for sale at the Buggy Bank. I can't stomach the maintenance and repair costs on one of these, so I'll pass.


Lukas said...

Spooky. I saw an old Accord wagon here the other day (rare in Oz), and thought, age aside, that it would suit your current car hunt.

F1Outsider said...

What about an Inifniti M45?

One of the best looking japanese sedans ever to be sold here in the US imo.