Thursday, September 26, 2013

And in shipping news...

You guys will get a kick out of these stories.

1. First commercial ship to try the Northwest Passage (due to melting Arctic ice) will be carrying coal.

2. That big ship that Maersk built? Too big.

3. And finally, from Edvin, a harrowing tale of righting a tipped over ship carrying thousands of Mazdas.


midelectric said...

I hadn't seen that Cougar Ace article before even though I'd looked into it at one time. Had no idea there was a fatality during salvage. Another article I'd read stated that Mazda set up a special reverse assembly line to ecologically harvest the usable parts of the shipped cars. I kind of figured they were just shredded like the Wired article states though.

Maxichamp said...

@midelectric: I was surprised to read about the fatality too.

Are you happy with the price of the book you sold?

midelectric said...

The hype had me believing the book would go for more but then I didn't have the poster (I have no idea where that could have gone, I rarely lose things) and this was an actual sale price versus the exorbitant theoretical asking prices out there.
Hey, it's more useful as cash than in my packet and in the hands of an excited buyer than it was sitting in a crate like it did for the last ten years so a win.