Sunday, September 01, 2013

Stallone driving Cadillac Allante in Tango & Cash

I watched the first half of this really cheeseball 1980s movie before falling asleep last night. The opening scene is bad. Weird Japanese commercial bad.


Sanchez said...

The movie is directed by famous (in ex-USSR) Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky. They have a big family of directors. Something like Coppola clan in the USA.
DIfference is that most of their movies show strong lack of talent.

He has a son Egor who is half Kazakh.
For that reason Kazakh government allowed him to waste some money on couple of his crappy movies.

Maxichamp said...

@Sanchez: That's some interesting information. Thanks!

Did you see Rebellion finished 3rd in Sao Paulo?

Also, I see that Kanye was in your country.

Sanchez said...

I didn't see the results as I rarely follow GT racing but congrats to you as it was Heidfeld!

Kanye came here but for the wedding of the "royals".

I believe that there are many better ways to spend 3 000 000 USD!

For example: bring FIA GT race to the streets of Astana!
Just like they did in Azerbaijan: