Saturday, August 24, 2013

Niles Car Show

Last Saturday, during Monterey Auto Week, I had to work. While driving to my meeting, I came upon a street closure. And guess what, it was another car show!

The Niles Car Show is an annual August event in the Niles section of Fremont. It's an interesting enclave of antique stores, old train cars, and nostalgia. For you Bay Area people, Niles Canyon Road meets 680 in Sunol.

The vast majority of the cars were American muscle, but there were a few oddballs thrown in.

First, we have this one-owner Pontiac Fiero.

Corvair Rampside. Attention, rchen!

Volvo 122. Attention, zack!

Looking at this Ranchero straight-on from the front, I had no idea what it was. I thought it was an Australian import.


Again, I had an unnatural yearning for old Camaros as a teenager.

49ers fan. I knew a guy with one of these Lincolns and his plate read "096 XXX".

According to S., the fine gentleman who bought my Phaeton, this Cadillac wagon conversion was done when it was new. S, by the way, is a classic Cadillac expert. Plus, he is getting a special tour of the Phaeton's Transparent Factory in Dresden next month! Send us pictures, man!


I think this Superbird is a clone/replica, because it was for sale for just a bit over $100,000, IIRC.

This quaint old truck was parked next to me.

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