Friday, August 23, 2013

San Diego Trip, Part 2: Fellow Bloggers

Another highlight of the trip was meeting people I've read online. I present Alan (of AutoNeurotic and Petrolicious fame), Raphael Orlove (of Jalopnik fame), and Alan's bro-in-law Gil.

We met over doner kebabs and Turkish and Lebanese beers. Gil wanted to show me his pride and joy, a Mark II Jetta coupe. He is the third owner (his dad was the second) and this machine brought back a lot of high school memories. It has a recent Tijuana front yard paint job, which looks immaculate.

After lunch, we took a trip up to La Jolla to Symbolic Motors to look at used supercars.

I think this is the first McLaren SLR I have ever seen up close.

Here are a Maserati MC12 and a 3500 GT.

Here is a latch for the MC12.

And a Ferrari F50.

BTW, Alan and Gil recommend this video:

I had a great time. Thanks, guys!


Ed Kim said...

That is a badass Jetta. I love how it embraces the 80sness. It's set up exactly how a cool high school kid in the 80s would have set his up, right down to the 80s-tastic wheels and steering wheel.

Alan said...

The paint is smooth as glass, photos really don't do it justice.

It was fun, Maxichamp, we should do it again up your way soon.