Thursday, August 22, 2013

Edvin's new ride!

Our favorite Finn (Kimi is second) just replaced his Renault Megane with this 2000 996 Carrera from Italy. Once he gets settled in with the car, I'm going to ask him a bunch of questions about Porsche ownership. I am very, very jealous.

More pics here.


Alan said...

Way to go Edvin! That's a big step up, and the Megane was no joke to begin with.

Edvin said...

Thanks Alan! I still can't believe it's mine. This one's a keeper. :)

augie said...

congrats! i'd be curious as to how people feel about the 996s in general. i'm of the belief they might be the best "value" play amongst the 911s: bona fide 911 performance, that is generally less favored by the general public.

magnus walker is on record saying that best porsche deal in town is the 996 gt3, which you can get for ~$50k.


Maxichamp said...

@augie: I think I saw Walker last week! I'll post a picture.

Any predictions on the second half of the F1 season?

Edvin said...

augie: Thanks! Well, the common Internet opinion seems to be that the 996 sucks compared to the older/newer stuff. Then again IRL no-one has still said a bad word about it to me, it's still a 911. People prefer the older aircooled cars because of their sound and feel. Many also dislike the 996's styling, which it largely shares with the Boxster. They were the cars that saved Porsche financially and were made to be more useable and comfortable, a lot of non-enthusiasts bought them, thus making the cars less desirable. The 996's engine has (unjustly) gotten a bad rep for being totally unreliable. In fact the engine failures only concern a small percentage of the cars and can often be attributed to not fixing a common issue with the IMS bearing. All 911's have their share of potentially bankrupting problems. Objectively I think the 996 is superior to the older cars in terms of performance, comfort, reliability etc., but I agree that it's not as cool. I think the 996 is just at the bottom of value development at the moment and will start to appreciate in the future. As Porsche keeps churning out 991's the 997 is bound to take the 996's place at the bottom.

The 996 GT3 is something of a modern classic and seems to be in high demand. I'd love one but will probably never afford it.