Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Corolla review

is here.


F1Outsider said...

Good review.

When I go to Brazil I usually drive around in my in-laws' Honda Fit or Renault Sandero. The Fit is great but the Sandero is a POS (I'm glad they don't read this blog).

Anyways, last trip to Brazil a few months ago we used primarily the Sandero. After a week of driving it around I got to drive my brother-in-law's Toyota Corolla. Never had I dreamed I would be so pleased to drive a Corolla.

I normally wouldn't be caught dead driving a Corolla... But after driving the Sandero it was incredible. Throttle response, brake response and feel, wheel feedback... All these things that had been missing were finally back.

There are some amazing driving roads down there and it pains me that I have to drive them in such boring cars.

Lukas said...

I second good review. I also didn't know that 'mericans used the word "jollies".

Re the car: sounds like it is exactly what the average Corolla buyer expects it to be. Minus crumb tray.

mtc said...

Curious: why does Hooniverse review a car like the new Corolla? Seems more like fodder for a Consumer Reports or maybe Edmunds.

Maxichamp said...

mtc: Ha! Great question. I have no idea. Ask Jeff. I assume he wanted a different perspective on the car.