Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Protests in Brazil

What started as protests against bus fare hikes turned into anger over the government's prioritizing of the construction of World Cup stadiums over social services.


F1Outsider said...

A couple of co-workers were heading to downtown Miami today to protest in front of the Brazilian consulate building.

Not my thing really... plus I'm not a tax payer in Brazil so I don't get a say in it.

Ripituc said...

I was surprised to know people had booed Dilma during one of the matches of the Confederations Cup in Brazil. I had assumed most Brazilians loved her as a second Lula. But then I knew I was wrong.

I really want to get deeper into the reasons of their discontent with their government.

And by the way, @F1Outsider I don't think that only tax payers should have a say. Or only residents. Or only voters. Having an strong connection with the country should be enough to voice your opinion on what happens there, I think (in civic and peaceful ways, of course).