Saturday, June 01, 2013

Protests in Istanbul

I am woefully ignorant of Turkish politics, but I tend to think this is more like protesting in Spain and Greece than Arab Spring-type revolutions in North Africa.


m4ff3w said...

That's no bodies business but the turks....

Ripituc said...

Seems to me that, while not like the Arab Spring )because Turkey is way more open and free than say, Lybia or Egypt) there are similarities, like the fear of Erdoğan (with already 10 years as PM) becoming more autocratic, and of Turkey losing its secular characteristics to become more islamist.

I heard the government was passing tougher regulations on the sale of alcohol, and that a couple had been harassed by the authorities for kissing in public. And now Erdoğan was talking about transforming a historic part of the city into a shopping mall, without asking anybody their opinion.

So: The PM, already 10 years in power, and from a moderate islamist party seemingly thinks he can do whatever he likes, and at the same time stric islamic considerations make their way into the law.

I'd be afraid if I lived in Turkey.