Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fiat 500L The British Are Coming ad

This is getting a lot of play on TV.

And here is a crackpot comment from YouTube:

So it is not a coincidence that FIAT owns most of Chrysler, an American company.
They make a mockery of the great Paul Revere and say the "Italians are invading."
"Better than the "Tea Party." What is that suppose to mean?
FIAT is lucky America is still able to buy their shitty cars. Probably not Italy.
Not the time to start spitting in Americans' faces by insulting our founders near the 4th of July.
We will not continue to put up with this globalist trash for much longer.

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zackswheels said...

Again, gonna go cite The Newsroom again, but Will McAvoy might have been onto something when he instituted a non-anonymous commenting system for his website. Sure he got a death-threat, but at least he stood up for something!

As for this idiot, he should probably be in internet timeout for a bit and be made to think of just how stupid his comment was.