Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear Australians (and Brendan), I need your thoughts on beers

The sort-of-local liquor store has three Australian brews in stock. Are these worth drinking? Thanks in advance.

They are: James Boag's Premium Lager, Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale, and Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale.


Ozmac said...

Boag's and Cooper's are two of my favourites. Boag's is from Launceston in Tasmania and is eminently drinkable at all times.

Cooper's is from South Australia. Don't be worried if your Cooper's looks cloudy: it is meant to be cloudy, as they leave some yeast in each bottle.

There's only one thing to do for you: a taste test. My favourite is the Cooper's Original Pale Ale.

Maxichamp said...

@Ozmac: It's a shame that we Americans have only known Foster's as the only beer from your land.

I'll try some next time. I bought a Kenyan lager called Tusker. It tastes okay.

Ozmac said...

I've never seen anyone willingly buy or drink Foster's here in Australia. I think Foster's is the last thing you'd drink if you were drinking the liquor store's beer supply dry.

John L said...

I'm with you Ozmac. Fosters is a bit PW. Haven't seen it in SA for years. I'm a bit of a Cooper's Pale person myself and also enjoy Cooper's stout.