Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chechnya documentary

If there is any doubt that Russia Today is a mouthpiece for Putin, then this documentary will settle it. North Korea wishes it could produce such a polished and slick propaganda piece.

As a bit of background, after Chechnya failed to gain independence after two wars, Ramzan Kadyrov (he's the young bearded guy in the video) became absolute ruler. Putin gives him billions to make sure that Chechnya is peaceful and obedient to its Russian master. Kadyrov is not only ruthlessly violent with his people, but incredibly corrupt.

This video reminds me of propaganda pieces by the Chinese government on the subject of the Muslim Uyghur minority. Basically, the message is they are an exotic, simple, and beautiful people who like to sing and dance. And look, isn't it funny that their religion has so many backwards beliefs? Thankfully, we, as their big brother, are bringing them to modernity.

This video is a must-see.

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