Monday, April 22, 2013

Hyundai Galloper/Mitsubishi Montero

I saw a few of these in Panama, and I incorrectly assumed that they were cheap Chinese knockoffs. Apparently, they were built in South Korea. The only difference between the Galloper and the Montero is that the Galloper has two extra seats in the back.


Ripituc said...

I was intending to write about them not long ago. The Hyundai Galloper was popular here, and as you say, it was a Montero made in Korea under license by Hyundai... Precision Co. Not Hyundai Motor. I don't know why.

Together with the Galloper, the Mitsubishi Chariot was also made by Hyundai Precision as the Hyundai Santamo. In some countries, like Chile, they were both sold with other Hyundais, making no distinction.

But in places like Spain and Russia, they both where sold under the Galloper brand, distributed by Mitsubishi. I think the arrangement might be similar to that of the earlier Chariot, sold in the US by Dodge as the Colt Vista, without Dodge badges, just Colt.

Ed Kim said...

I was just going to write the same thing! But Ripituc has already explained it superbly.

Yup, Hyundai Precision, not Hyundai Motor Company. I also don't completely understand why.

m4ff3w said...

My '92 Montero seats 7. Does the Galloper seat more?

The 94+ Montero was available with rear jump seats that fold down from the sides, similar to the Land Rover Discovery. In the RoW, these were available all along.

I swapped the interior of mine with that of a '94 to get the seats and a less destroyed interior.