Tuesday, July 14, 2020

July 13 blog

A few things to report this Monday.

First, I saw this Saturn in front of the bank. The clearcoat is a goner. But the wheels look new.

And look what I found at the drug store. I had to get it. My mom had a yellow five-door version of this Civic in Taiwan. I still remember the license plate number: 11-9129.

And about that Cars and Coffee from last weekend. I saw Mike Musto, his beard, and his Dodge.

I thought I saw Jason Cammisa's Ferrari 308 GT4 at the show, but his wasn't black. @slirt later showed me this post. Cammisa brought his VW Cabrio instead. And he described the show as one of the best. It will be interesting to see if this Cars & Coffee gets more popular. I think it was well attended just because there has not been a car meet anywhere in four months.

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@slirt said...

Pedantic mofo that i am, a Cabrio is a Mk3-based car; the Mk1 car is a Cabriolet.

And as a '75 Civic was my 1st car, i MUST acquire the Matchbox too!