Sunday, July 12, 2020

July 12 blog

I took the boy to a Cars & Coffee today!

This Bentley Turbo R was my favorite car at the show. Look at everyone with their masks.

The original chrome wheels have been resprayed(?). They look much better now, even contemporary.

The boy likes El Caminos and copying me. So he grabbed my phone and took pictures of a red El Camino.

That Italian number I saw parked in front of Panda Express yesterday made it to the show.

And finally, a fantastic Suzuki Sidekick with a body kit. Much more interesting than the McLarens that showed up.


@skirt said...

AR Giulia Sprint Speciale, if i'm not mistaken; drool...

Day said...

I learned to drive stick shift on a Sidekick just like that one. I haven't seen one in ages!