Monday, November 09, 2009

PSA: Bay Bridge S-Curve Should Be Called Bay Bridge Chicane

This morning, KTVU's Kraig Debro described the Bay Bridge S-curve as "Grand Prix-like curves". To which I thought: Why not just call it a chicane?

Merriam-Webster's definition of chicane: a series of tight turns in opposite directions in an otherwise straight stretch of a road-racing course.

Maybe if we call it a chicane, people will take it more seriously. "S-curve" sounds easy. "Chicane" sounds challenging and potentially dangerous.

Chicane at Paul Ricard (sequence starts at 0:12)

Chicane at Bay Bridge (sequence starts at 1:07)

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Alan said...

you call that an S-curve? bah.

We used to have one on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago that consisted of two 90 degree turns that appeared quite suddenly in the middle of 50 MPH + traffic.

That was a chicane.

Here's a pic of it shortly before the redesign in the '80s: