Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Homs, Syria and Sarajevo

The seige of Homs right now brings flashbacks of Sarajevo.


Alan said...

Russia: "we have acheived what the UN was unable to" read: "we have gotten Ashad to make insincere promises to allow reform and have eliminated any possibility of such while ensuring our own economic interests are unthreatened at the expense of humanity."

I strongly dislike both Russia and China. My only surprise is that I could possibly feel more disgust towards this whole mess.

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: I feel the same. But our hands have not been clean either. We did and said nothing to Bahrain when the gov't cracked down on their Shiite majority because we have a bunch of warships parked there.

Alan said...


Agreed. We're far from innocent - nothing new, eh?

I sometimes wish I could turn off my news addiction like a switch, it tends to make me cynical and angry. I guess I'd rather be informed and sgitated than ifnorant and well-adjusted.

Ripituc said...

This is terrible. Yet I would be more cautious about believing everything that is said.

The story of the 18 babies in a hospital seems so unlikely to me... and even if it happened (so many babies on incubators in the same hospital? no backup power?) doesn't sound like straight murder (power can go out in this situations). The BBC guy seems to agree with me on this one.

Yet that doesn't mean Im not once again dissapointed at Russia and China. Why does this has to be some kind of proxy war à la Cold War? It's 2012, you idiots!