Friday, February 24, 2012

Seeing Rubens Barrichello at Infineon tomorrow (Feb. 25)

This is about as close as it gets for California to get Formula One.  Rubens, who was forced into retirement at Williams, is test driving an Indycar tomorrow.  This will be my first time visiting Infineon and I don't know anything about Indycars.  So if you can share any of your wisdom, I'd appreciate it.  Specifically,:

  • Where are the best places to watch?
  • What is access to the paddock area like?
  • What color is Rubens helmet?
  • Is there anything about the 2012 car I should be looking for?
I'll be posting pictures of my visit here and doing a full write-up or two on Hooniverse.  

More info here.


F1Outsider said...

Pay attention to the sound of the engines. Indycar is using a Turbo V6 this year. Something which F1 will be doing in 2014 as well, so this may be a good preview of what they'll sound like.

Or I could just be talking out of my a** since the F1 engines will probably have different boost and rev a little higher... But in either case, it's just something to look out for.

Oh, and Rubens' helmet is usually white base with red stripe around the middle and a blue "top" with a Star of David in the center-top.

Maxichamp said...

@F1O: Obrigado! I just bought some earplugs. I'm ready.