Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Diecast Collection Travels Around the World

All the backgrounds are from Lonely Planet's big, glossy, and wonderful The Travel Book.

Matchbox Air France Airbus A300B flying over Peru.

Matchbox Ferrari 308 GTB at Venice's Piazza San Marco.

Hot Wheels VW Sunagon at Yosemite.

Tomica VW Microbus in Botswana.

Matchbox Audi Quattro in Liechtenstein.


F1 Outsider said...

Photography tip: Put the cars in the foreground and the pictures in the background and it'll look more realistic.

Here's a crude example:

Maxichamp said...

Got it. I'm having some technical issues with lighting, background, focus, and the skill of the photographer.

Alan said...

I think it's cute how the cars are sitting at odd angles on top of the backgrounds - it gives the pics a goofy charm.