Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Little Bit More: 1980s Porsche Advertisement/Documentary

If you have 25 minutes, this video is definitely worth watching. A crew traveled around the world (Japan, Hong Kong, England, SoCal, New York, France, Spain,...) and interviewed Porsche owners about their experience. There's also a lot of rare footage of the factory, test track, and interviews with Porsche engineers. It's a bit 928 heavy, but there's plenty of footage of brand new 924s and 911s.

And if you still have not had enough, here is a photographic tour of the Porsche factory, circa 1977.

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F1 Outsider said...

Haven't watched it yet, but definitely will when I have some time.

But it's probably 928 heavy because Porsche originally envisioned the 928 to replace the 911.