Saturday, November 07, 2009

Berlin Wall And Jesus Jones' Right Here Right Now

When the Berlin Wall fell, you were listening to this:

For a sweet story about post-Berlin Wall East Germany, I recommend watching Good Bye Lenin!


Alan said...

Good Bye Lenin! was pretty cool. Decent story and acting, and the level of detail they put into recreating the feel and look of the Eastern bloc was great.

That Jesus Jones cassette was the first piece of music I ever bought for myself, and I do indeed remember listening to it that day. As a budding political junkie, I somehow knew what a huge moment it was and was glued to the TV for hours, my huge yellow waterprroof Sony Walkman and JJ cassette nearby.

Maxichamp said...

I always confuse the star of Good Bye Lenin! with Ricky Schroeder.

My childhood friend's mom escaped to West Berlin in the '50s. When the Wall finally came down, I couldn't believe it. It was definitely one of those "moments" of your life that you'll never forget.