Friday, November 06, 2009

Jules Proto 6x4 Dakar Racer

What do you need to know about this monstrosity? Well, it raced in the Paris to Dakar Rally in 1984. It did not finish. The sponsor, Jules, is a perfume put out by Christian Dior. Can this get any more weird? Yes. Because this is the second vehicle Jules sponsored. Stay tuned for the first car. Hint: It's a British car with R.R. as its initials but also has Toyota and Chevy mechanicals. And it had yellow French headlights.

As for this 6x4, it's four wheel drive, despite having six wheels. Personally, it reminds me of the protagonist's vehicle in the arcade classic, Moon Patrol. The mid-mounted engine is a Chevy 350, mated to a transmission from a 935 Porsche. The tubular monocoque innard is clad with Kevlar. A cool feature is a power unit for a welder's torch. According to a Google translation of a French site, the chassis "broke" and the car was unable to complete the rally.

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