Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tomica Hongqi

I had coffee with rchen yesterday and he brought a gift from the exotic Orient. A Chinese-market Tomica model of a Hongqi. Please excuse the quality of the photos, which were taken pre-coffee at five in the morning.


Ed Kim said...

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!!!!!! Now that is truly amazing.

Ripituc said...

I love the Chinese series from Tomica. I think they will be historic mementos of the economic and geopolitical rise of China... By the way, Tomica also has a couple Hyundai on its Korean series, and also some Southeast Asian cars (Toyota Avanza Veloz, Honda Brio, Datsun GO) for Indonesia, I think.

Sanchez said...

1/18 high end scale model of Hongqi