Thursday, August 13, 2015

E30 325i and me in high school


Not sure if I ever posted this photo, but I found it today while searching for another photo.

The car belonged to my mom. It's a 1989. According to the state's smog check site, the final smog check was performed in 2004, which was around the time my mom got rid of it (via a flatbed) due to various maladies not worth fixing.

And that's me. I was 6 feet tall (182 cm) and barely weighed 150 pounds (68 kilos). I was sporting a Hard Rock Cafe Save the Planet t-shirt. And apparently, I started the skinny jeans trend. Finally, I had on a pair of Fila hightops. What a dweeb!

The picture was taken either in Arizona or Utah during a roadtrip my mom and I took.


Lukas said...

Cool pic :)

Charles Lee said...

I had the same physique when I was that age. Now we're just two old fat guys.

The E30 325i would be a great car for visiting Bryce Canyon and such places.