Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bhutan and India

Bhutan is on the left. Via Reddit.


m4ff3w said...

I've convinced my wife we should do the rickshaw run with the teenage spawn, probably in 2017. Hopefully it is a trial run of a Mongol Rally run with each of the kids a few years later.

F1Outsider said...

I flew Etihad from Abu Dhabi to New York earlier this year. I'd say 80% of the passengers were Indians and at the end of the flight the plane didn't look very much different than that picture. It completely turned me off from wanting to visit India.

Ripituc said...


Sanchez said...

India is amazing. Visited this January.

I flew via Abu Dhabi airport. The worst airport experience I have ever had. Shockingly awful airport which you would not expect to find in the country that promotes itself so heavily as a tourist heaven. It is flooded with transit passengers from South East Asia and it can't handle this amount of people. Hence lack of seats, space, silence. I can see why you made an assumption it is like that in India. In reality it is different.

Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport on the other is the best airport I have ever visited.

Ed Kim said...

Bhutan: the happiest country in the world, by at least one set of metrics. Certainly, the Bhutan side of the picture looks happier.

Aviation bucket list for me includes landing at Paro Airport. It can take an A320, but it's purely a visual landing, nothing automated. descending around mountains and canyons on both sides. I think something like only 5 pilots in the world are qualified to land an A320 there.

I met an Aussie a couple years ago who actually did it. Lucky!