Sunday, August 17, 2014

The slow, slow death of Lincoln

Between the Land Rover and Jaguar tents in Carmel was the Lincoln tent. I felt sorry for the reps working there. Who buys these cars? In my 500 miles driving back and forth between home and Monterey on Friday and Saturday, I saw just one new Lincoln on the road, and it had this funky sunroof open.

If this sunroof were on a new Citroen, we would say: How cool! On a new Lincoln, we say: That's dumb!

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Alan said...

It's infuriating to watch them piss away their great heritage.

The art deco V12 cars of the 30's, hand-built coupes of the 50's and the 60's Continental are just a few cars to draw inspiration from, the last in particular.

Imagine a new, slab-sided but beautifully detailed neo-Conti with suicide rear doors, built on a more modern (much smaller) scale. Tell me that wouldn't sell by the bucketload.