Saturday, August 02, 2014

Nagorno-Karabakh documentary

Tensions have flared up again between Azerbaijan and this Armenian enclave. About a dozen Azeri soldiers were killed this week in skirmishes. This documentary is a decade old, but remains the best English-language piece on the region.

Tarlan, do you have any insight into what's happening now?

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Tarlan said...

Not much changed since that time, we still have over one million of refugees. But our army growed up with oil money. And now, when to many of azeris been out of country for different reasons (study, work, tourist etc) and see how the things going on outside of our county the may apply for some changes. Best way to divert their attention from the difficult political situation in the country, corruption and social injustice is a small victorious war. But Armenia had strong support from Russia in past 20 years. If this support tremain the same i don't think that the war is possible. But what going to happen if Russia will be busy with other problems?