Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Saab and Volvo owners

Two quick stories.

1. I was in the Park & Call parking lot at Oakland airport yesterday, waiting for my wife's flight. There was a clean Volvo V70R AWD parked across from me. I walked up and complimented the owner. He has owned a number of Volvos and it took him months of online searching to find the V70R. He bought it from a guy in Sonoma, not far from where I bought my V50. When I told him about my V50, he was even able to count off the model years when the manual transmission was available!

2. Then, I read Zack's post about a Swedish car meet in Massachusetts. He brought his Saab and two of the car's prior owners came up and chatted with him!

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Zackswheels said...

That's cause Swedish car owners are the best!