Monday, July 07, 2014

Prius repellent

Hat tip to Peter S.

Definition: Slate: "Prius Repellent is a perfect introduction to one of the Obama era’s great conservative subcultures: the men and women who “roll coal.” For as little as $500, anyone with a diesel truck and a dream can install a smoke stack and the equipment that lets a driver “trick the engine” into needing more fuel. The result is a burst of black smoke that doubles as a political or cultural statement—a protest against the EPA, a ritual shaming of hybrid “rice burners,” and a stellar source of truck memes."


Edvin said...

These idiots have made the news over here in Finland too. "Thanks" to these coal rollers for (further) ruining the reputation of car enthusiasts in the eyes of regular folk all over the world. :( The sensationalist media just loves this kind of stuff and it makes for pages upon pages of angry commenters on news sites.

midelectric said...

Only thing missing is the piping into the cabin so they don't have to miss out on the fun.