Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lexus MSRP over the years

I'm reading Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit. It's a really fascinating look into the successful car company. There are a lot of interviews with the men behind the LS400. My only gripe is that the author is a business reporter and knows nothing about cars. He described a Supra as a sedan (and the editors didn't catch the error).

I was amazed at how inexpensive the LS was when it first came out. I want to compare its MSRP over the years with a similar S-Class Mercedes. I was able to find some figures using NADA and AutoTrader. Can anyone find another source for the missing years? Also, is there a 1989 model?

Here's what I have so far:
1990 35,000 (LS400)
1991 38,000
1992 42,200
1993 46,600
1994 49,900
2000 54,005
2001 54,205 (LS430)
2002 54,405
2003 55,125
2004 55,375
2005 56,225
2006 56,525
2007 61,000 (LS460)
2008 62,900
2009 63,825
2010 65,380
2011 67,130
2012 67,630 
2013 71,990

2014 72,140


mtc said...

Adjusted for inflation, $35,000 in 1990 had the same purchasing power as $64,000 today.

mtc said...

Notwithstanding how bland and soporific the brand and cars are, this was a great commercial.

Maxichamp said...

@mtc: Yeah, I was going to use either 1990 or 2014 dollars for the chart.

Alan said...

Finally sold mine to a family member a couple of weeks ago. I miss it.

Speaking of soporific, I almost crashed the thing several times after falling asleep driving home from late nights when I used to work in an office. It was a luller.

Sounds like an interesting book.