Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mercedes S-Class v. Lexus LS comparo

Muy interesante.

I used the price of the base Mercedes S-Class with the smallest V8. So,:
1990-91: 420SEL (W126)
1992: 400SE (W140)
1993: 400SEL (W140)
1994-99: S420 (W140 until 1999, W220 in 2000)
2000-06: S430 (W220 until 2005, then W221)
2007-14: S550 (W221 until 2013, then W222)

There's a strong correlation between the quality of the Mercedes and its real value. The W126 was solid. The first few years of the W140 were awesome, and then Mercedes started cutting costs. The W220 is arguably the worst S-Class, and it shows with its relatively low price.

Sources for Merc MSRPs: AutoTrader, CarGurus, and BenzWorld

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augie said...

very interesting, indeed. there's an interesting comment in the most recent issue of road & track from bob lutz (last page). he notes that a while ago, the german cars were far superior to all others in terms of engineering and quality. today, everyone is "value engineering" so that gap has pretty much closed.

"it's a good time to be an enthusiast" cuts both ways, i suppose.