Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BMW E34 M5 Dinan stroker at Sears Point

This is rchen's baby, which sold within ten hours of being featured on BAT.

Sears Point was where I was supposed to ride in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car.


Richard Chen said...

And you've GOT to see the Mk I Mini that blows by at 8:58! :-)

mtc said...

R, you don't have or know of an E28 M5 for sale, by any chance?

Congratulations on the sale of the E34. You seem to have priced it very, very well!

Edvin said...

Oh my, have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the E34 M5? Some day I'm gonna get another one.

Richard Chen said...

@mtc - Hmm, I may have underpriced that E34. Doh! :-)

E28 M5's seem to come up for sale with some regularity, and sadly seem to linger on the market for a long long time. I sourced my 198K-mi example on plain old sfbay.craigslist. I'd look there, or the ever-fanatical forum.

Richard Chen said...

@mtc - Case in point: CL ad that ends up on mye28