Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The cost of owning a Phaeton

Well, we're quickly approaching my first year anniversary with my Phaeton.  I'll be doing a more comprehensive post for Hooniverse in early November.  But here are a few thoughts and an itemization.

First, buying used is great.  Mine sold new for about $80,000, including tax and registration.  I paid $23,000 (plus $2,146 sales/use tax) for a model with just 37,000 pampered miles on it.  My liability insurance premium increased by less than $20 a year when I switched from the 2004 Acura TSX to the 2005 Phaeton.  Annual registration costs are also reasonable.  I just have to pay the California DMV $214 this year.

The cost of fuel, on the other hand, has been breathtaking.  I like to drive my cars until the low fuel light is on, and beyond, so there is almost nothing in the 90 liter (23.66 gallon) fuel tank when I get to the petrol station.  When prices almost reached $5 a gallon earlier this year, I was paying more than $100 to fill my tank.  Problem is, many gas pumps will only let you use a credit card to buy $75 worth of fuel at a time (to prevent credit card theft/fraud).

I get about 14-16 miles per gallon in city driving, and low 20s on the highway.

Here are my other costs.  Note that I've put about 13,000 miles on the car since last November.

November: Windshield repair (Safelite) $155.32 (this was overpriced, but I was in Vegas and I was in a bind; I got $50 reimbursed through my AAA Platinum membership)

November: Wheel alignment (national wheel and tire chain) $0 (a tie rod was frozen so unable to align front wheels)

December: Tie rod unfrozen and four wheel alignment (local independent shop) $209.99

January: Oil change (local independent shop) $137.69

April: Four tires (Tirerack) $797.06

April: Mount and balance four tires (local independent shop) $134.00

August: 50,000 mile service, including oil change and brake fluid change (local independent shop) $254.49

Grand total: $1,688.55


mtc said...

How long do you plan to keep her?

Maxichamp said...

@mtc: I will re-evaluate when I hit 80,000 miles, so another 2.5-3 years from now.